Sunday, June 7, 2009

brooklyn and the stakeout!!

I got a little carried away with posting pictures...just don't worry about it. You know the person that shows 20 pics of the same thing?.......well..that's me...

This one is my top fave!
So amidst the litte "walk" in the park, lo and behold i see a few coppers quitely surrounding by. I tell Ev about the coppers around us....cuz you know i love the spy/stealth mission. We were the only people in the area and then all of the sudden....boom....coppers bust out their guns from all directions, yelling serious obscenities and take down these 2 guys up in the bushes....there were about 15 of them...of course we were lovin' it and don't hesitate to gawk and take can see the guy up in the tree! Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do...what a way to spend my lovely sabbath day....fightin' crime. Thank goodness Brookyn was there, I have to start her out early with these things. I love how i think I was actually part of the whole "bust" It's as close as i can get so i don't mind daydreaming.


this girl has pure sass!
B, showing off her muscles

finally she decides to smile for the camera...cutie...not me...her