Sunday, January 25, 2009

TRUE LOVE that's what this is!

2 stories, first off, yesterday my sista, rach, calls me and tells me there is is great deal at albertsons on 7up...see pic below

you buy 5 and only have to pay tax. i'm so excited but brooklyn was napping, then my friend came over, then ev was coming home soon so quickly my day was running away and i forgot about it and spaced it. so ev gets home and i take 30 min to myself and run to alberstons....right when i get there they had given away their last 7ups. i was so sad:( and frustrated with myself. if only i had been 2 minutes earlier. you know, i love a good deal. i was so mad at myself...i don't know why but this was a big deal to me at the time and it was all my fault cuz i could have come sooner and stocked up. the night manager saw me in distress and called the other albertsons...they all were sold out. so i pouted and moped(sp) outside and decided to hit DI to bounce back from my acute depression. while driving i get this sudden urge to call another albertsons in the direction i was driving...i do and guess what....they had a few left but i better hurry cuz they can't hold em. i hauled over there, run in, and with a huge smile on my face i tell the managers patrolling the few pallets of 7up left how they had made my entire night. I proceed to get my cart and the manager asks me how many i want...i tell him 5 cuz that was the max you were allowed to get, then he asks me many do i want...i looked at him puzzled....10?.....he fills my cart and asks many do you want...i say 15? so the manager gives my 15 two liter bottles of 7up....bottomline,.....i paid 90 cents for 15 of those bad boys. i was on cloud nine. i got in my car on the biggest adrenaline rush, took a few breaths then thought to myself...what the heck am i going to do with all of this? i wanted the "deal" so bad. i'm such a sucker for good deals. why was i so excited over sugar infested 7up to rot my teeth and make me fat..well, i've come to the conclusion that i don't know why, i don't really care, it was free, and it was fun...the end.

next story, so i hear about this deal at macy's that they are giving away free beauty products and all you have to do is sign your name and pick from the choices. i get to the front of line, sign my name and went to pick my beauty product. i had two choices...see below.,....

how am i supposed to decide, i'm 31, i'm wrinkling away, i need this estee lauder night repair like no other, i need the moisture surge cuz my face is drying am i suppose to make this decision? i seriously get anxious when it comes to decisions like this. so i pick one and get this great idea...go out the car where ev was impatiently waiting.. try to make a sad face and ask ev if he would go in and get the other one for me. bless his little heart, ev goes into macy's in the womens makeup counter with all these ladies probably sweatin' up a storm feeling very uncomfortable and asks the lady for the product. SUCCESS, he gets the goods...mission accomplished! poor evan, sacrificing his pride of all things for this, bear of all bears, evan gets in touch up with his feminine side for his wife to be happy. isn't that just so sweet!? i had a smile on my face the rest of the night just imagining evan at the makeup counter trying to act cool but i know he felt very very uncomfortable. this may sound small but it was a very big step for evan to step outside his man-ly comfort zone for me. that's true love, that's what this is edward.(name that movie) side note: he did make a deal with me that if he got the goods he could go coyote hunting the next day...all day. there's always some catch i like to say(jk i don't really like to say but it sounded good right now) "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." the end

Monday, January 19, 2009

Faces only a mother could love

I have not posted much lately...I've been in some funk and trying to get out! But this little girl and helped me along the way. I seriously giggle all day. She is so silly and has her own little language. I've been wanting to take her out and play/practice photography but it's so stinkin' cold. I'm sure these are just excuses. But these are a few of my favorites. My goal this year is to try to take 4 unique/risky/outofthebox photos to try to teach myself photography. Any tips?


This Reese is such a beauty! She's was a little gem over Christmas. I love this photo.