Saturday, November 28, 2009

And Now Presenting Mr. Prince William Evan Hoge

Introducing our new little addition to the fam..William Evan Hoge. He is THE best! We are so in love with him. Brooklyn is adapting surprisingly well and we love her even more today!...besides the fact that she's been a little sick so we've been trying our best to keep them separated but it's not working so well. We are all doing good besides the fact it was a crazy labor and delivery almost not making it to the hospital in time and with pretty much no epidural since he came about 10 min. after I had it and I was stoned on Ambien..NOTE: always opt for the epidural...ALWAYS and don't take Ambien and try to walk around Walmart for a few hours...picture this....9 mo preg., stoned on Ambien..stumbling around walmart...having hard core contraction....very funny to watch, I can imagine. makes for a good story too which I'm all about. ANYWAY, William is doing great. He is way healthy and sleeps like a champ...for now! Thanks for all the calls and well wishes and special surprises in the mail!!:) I am still counting all the wonderful blessings and tender mercies that have flowed into our house these last few weeks! We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for this year. PS: pictures are very much out of order...ENJOY!!...and try to make sense of them all!
My little crew!!
Leaving the hospital!!

My little lifesaver and Brookies #1 nurse!! Waiting on her hand and foot while she had a fever while I was in the hospital. It couldn't have been better for me!

ABZ surprised me by showing up at the hospital with a plethora of gifts..including this little bundle Lucy..Brookie calls her Sucy.

My little bundle!! THE END

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wild Thing

I ventured on over to the big OC to see Hulietta before I have my little babe and won't be able to travel much. Julia had a great B-day party for her son Griffin with the "Where the Wild Things Are." Brooklyn was a perfect fit being the little monster that she is. We had a great time!!

Here we are at the pumpkin patch posin'

This is my fave!! Deep in thought chowin' down on a cake pop Julia made.

Griffin and Brooklyn had a fun time playing together. Brooklyn loved him. She will be a great older sister!!