Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lately it has been so funny to watch these two play together. Will is definitely growing into his head and loves to razzle Brooklyn just to get a response from her. I love watching them fight over something. I don't know why it's amusing. I'm sure I won't enjoy it for long. I guess I'm just loving that they are brother and sister and to watch them interact is hilarious! Then, two seconds later, there is Brookie protecting him and being the sweet big sister. Love this pair!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brooklyn's #3 Birthday!!!!

Brooklyn turned Three on Dec. 8th! She had a wonderful day full of wonderful friends and surprises!
She was so excited for this lovely Belle Barbie so her Snow White would have a friend to play with! She won't even look at the camera because all she wants to do is stare and Belle.

She had a surprise visitor who brought her special balloons, tootsie rolls, and stickers! Thanks Uncle Jesse!
I'm not sure who is happier here.

Brooklyn had a wonderful time with friends at Bounce! We barely saw her and everytime we did she was laughing her head off with her friends!

Will had to show up for the party himself trying to take over all the attention., kind of worked!

Words cannot express how hard I was laughing..look at all the kids staring at him!

Workin' it in his car!

I think the slides were her favorite part!
It might as well have been her birthday too!