Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Past Winter

Christmas was awesome at Grandma and Grandpa Harris's. We loved being there and Brooklyn and Will were spoiled by them.

Here she is so happy to have her Cinderella Barbie from Santa!

The harmonicas were a hit!

I made about 20 of these! They sold really fast and I still have orders coming in!

Two little peas in action!

This is right after Will's first needed haircut! The mullet was forming and it was very necessary!

This little girl has just been a gem to hang around! I love her logic and reasoning. She's quite easy going. She's fun to run errands with, dance with, read with, and clean up with! I really feel blessed that I have her! I swear you are given what you can handle and I've always worried what kind of mom I would be but she definitely makes in enjoyable and easy for me! I guess that's all I can handle.....and then....there's Will.I.AM

Brookie graduated from Nursery with Sister Martel this year and started Primary! Her new teachers are Mrs. Dillworth and Wilcox. She said her first prayer last week and according to 2-3 witness(haha..I'm just a nerd) she walked right up there grabbed the mic and said the prayer all by herself! I was so proud of her!

Will's naptime is our Brooklyn time where we paint, draw, craft, and learn 3yr old stuff. Here is her first paint by numbers she painted with her dad. I was a little worried she wouldn't be able to understand the numbers part..but judge for yourself..not too shabby!

Will weighs 24 lbs and we have not enjoyed our few sickie house and visits to the Dr. already. It hasn't been fun BUT I have to admit I have loved him snuggling with me while he plays with my hair or tousles his own. Now he's doing much better but the whiney/sick voice still remains. Imagine that. I think he just forgot to stop that when he felt better. Maybe it's a phase...let us hope!


Who-Hoo, Who-Hoo! In your FACE!
As you may already know..I have grandma tendencies..thus the crocheting..nerdville I know. I couldn't resist making this bad boy...DON'T BE JEALOUS!
PS: I know I've said it before but it's time to go Private! I'm so lazy! But it's for the best I guess! Leave your name and address and I'll add you in! PEACE OUT!