Friday, May 20, 2011


I miss this little posse'...words cannot explain
I miss this little couple.

I miss this AWESOME mother and friend.

I miss my ward and friends that shaped me into the mama that I am and hope to be...someday and loved me even with my.....weird ways/thoughts/anxieties/insecurities/scatterbraininess/spazzzomatiness(is that a word?)

I miss my first friend to meet in Boise and last friend to say goodbye to.


I miss seeing this little group every day...ooh my heart is tugging.

I miss the endless giggles and screams OK..and sometimes whines together.

I miss this litte gem who's saved my butt more times than I can imagine or begin to reciprocate. She is a SAINT I tell you. I wish I could give her a 2wks vacation to any place of her choice...I would...and of course I would go with her....BUT I can't so I'll just take her a Pepsi every once in a while and hope she sees the true meaning behind it.

I'll just throw in some Easter into the mix while I'm at it!

I miss my girls at work. Super funny and got my sense of humor..that's kinda rare. I hope I find that again.

the end

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Uhmmm..I have a crush

On this lil guy! He's been quite the handful these days but I wouldn't trade him for a millisecond. I do miss him even when he's sleeping. He loves his momma!

AND his 2nd momma Rachel. He got hurt the other day and actually ran towards her to console him instead of me. It was so precious! She loves them almost as much as I do and he's gonna miss her SOOOO much!
The little Wills showing us his muscles! I love him in his little handsome suit!
What more could a gma ask for...a brand new babe to hold and love! She's pretty cute and a sweet addition to the fam.