Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Photo Overload!

Oh Baby Will!

Here he is at his finest...shoving his face...more like shoveling his face full of food!

More Cuteness!

Attempting to take your own family photo?.....not recommended! I get the idea in my head and control....anxiety sets word......William!

This one describes the outing...little stinker that boy.

I'll definitely keep this one!

I can't decide which one I like....any suggestions?

Will saying "CHEESE"

Lovin' the bathtime!

Brookie's friend, Addie, had a Valentines aka Ballentine party with her friends! It was a hit! The girls loves every minute of it from coloring, decorating and eating cookies, and passing out Ballentines.

Reese had a blast herself. We got into the car and she settles in and says "THAT WAS FUN!"

Typical expression from the B-Willmister! He is getting into all sorts of mischief. At 15 months old he is 24 lbs, 8 teeth plus teething 4 lovely molars. He loves climbing on the table especially when I tell him no. That seems to make it even more fun. He loves screaming and panicking when he sees food that he MUST have at that very second. He is starting to get and use sign language such as all done, please, milk, hot, and drink. He likes to say cheese to the camera, talk on the phone, bang on the computer, dip Barbies in the toilet, tackles Brookie to the ground like a football player over and over again, loves to dance, loves kissing his mama, and his mom loves to put him to bed..the best, most quiet time of the day!

Two little gems!