Thursday, June 19, 2008


So....I've come to realize that I'm a pretty smart girl...ya know, my head on straight...a realist...booksmart...good grades in college...I read and like to to learn new things. BUT....there was this one time when I was in hygiene school and I had my semester review with Mrs. Kawamura...and to make it short...she told me that they've concluded that I'm a "scatterbrain." What the heck!!! Needless to say I was organizing queen after that. I admit sometimes I'm not the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to common sense. For instance I am a full-on hands-on learner. Evan, on the other hand,...he is so full of figuring things out on his own. OK so I'm not the most common sense smart. Here's my story. Since having Brooklyn my hair has been shedding by the handfuls. It's so annoying. Whenever I shower, clumps and clumps come out so I have to clean out the drain every second so it won't clog up. Well, about a month ago, I noticed the drain clogging up and it wouldn't drain so while I'm showering the water would continue to rise to my ankles and it would take forever to drain afterwards. I tried to get Ev to fix it but sometimes he likes me to learn his way and just "figure it out" on my own. So I unscrew the drain, reach in there and NOOOO hair whatsoever. So I buy draino stuff and use it twice on the drain and nothing. Still, it continued to clog. I hate this cuz it leaves that grime on the sides of the tub which is soooo gross. Keep in mind this was a month ago so I've been showering like this for a month with water up to my calves almost. Well,.....the other night I was showering and I get out of the shower to dry off and I'm so frustrated because I can't figure it out by myself...and I don't know what to do. So I'm staring at the tub for like 5 minutes and then....then it hits me. My eyes turn to the drain.....then to the switch that you switch when you want to take a bath. This was all in slow motion by the way. Slowly I reach over to it...and press the switch down. It starts to drain. I have had that stinkin' lever up this whole time!!!! So embarrassing. I have been laughing at myself for days. I am such a DITZ! Mrs. Kawamura was right...I am a little scatterbrained. Just thought you all might enjoy this story just so that you all won't think I'm perfect, which most of you think that I am. It's hard to admit ladies but it's true. Emily is not perfect as you might think....I'm totally joking on that last one for those who may not understand my humor.


Sorry about the delay ladies, I had a crazy weekend last weekend and ....well, I'll use that as an excuse. So I put each and every one of you in a bowl and had Brooklyn reach in and pick one out. Now, remember, whoever wins has to play this game on there blog. and the winner is ........NICOLE STUCKI!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Oh, what the luck!!! Tara is going to DIE! Oh Nicole, I need your address to send you the goods!!! My email is Send it soon and I'll send you a present soon....soon from my watch that is...JK. Thanks for playing, that was really fun!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here are a few pictures of this little stinker!!This one actually is my favorite. She smiles with her mouth open so wide.
This picture Evan took while she was sleeping with her bumb up in the air..pretty much every night she does this.
I don't know why I love these faces the best...just "what the heck mom, I'm taking a bath, can I have a little privacy, please"...3 seconds after this pic, she had both the washcloth and rubber ducky in her mouth.

I'm not sure her eyes can open any wider. Bonnie, Ev's sister gave her this shirt which has a Brook Trout...thus Brooklyn...thus that's where her name came from...JK it didn't but Evan likes to pretend it did.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was HONORED to win a prize on Nicole's List of Favorite's Post awhile back. I won a gift card to IKEA. I'm so excited to use it..I go online to decide and then, of course, I can't decide, then I get anxious, then four hours get the point. ANYWAYZZZ. I have to carry on the tradition to list my Fav's.

So the List o' Favorites blog game works like this:

Blog host shares some favorites; People comment on which item they would like to win; Blog host randomly draws a winning name; Blog host gifts the winner with their choice from list o' favorites; and Winner then carries on the List o' Favorites game on their blog. Let us begin.

#1: The first lucky fav is the one and only Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears. I capitalized them because it is a Proper noun to me. Have you ever tried them? OH my mouth is watering! I don't remember the first time I tried them but my mom gave me some for Christmas and I devoured them. We would buy them at Porter's Bookstore when we were little...they were the best treat. At first, you don't think they go together...then....then you put them in your me, there's no going back!!!!

#2. So I've been a little "crafty" lately and I found these on some random blog that I stalk. Yes, it's true there are a few I stalk. She's just so darn creative or at least she finds cute stuff out through other know how it is. So these are felt hair clips. They are so stinkin' cute. There are so many cute styles...well, I made a few and am willing to give a pair to a lucky winner. Most of you girlies have little girls and they are just adorable in their hair. Maybe Cooper will look good in them too with his curly locks..jk Nicole. Too bad Brooklyn baby has not so much hair these days so I will perservere (sp) until she grows up.

#3. If you didn't know this about me. I have to put lotion on my feet every night before I go to bed. It's one of those weird habits I got myself into long ago. My friend Julia used to make fun of me in college. Then, guess who tried it and is addicted! Yep, you guessed it. I try sometimes to go without and then I sit and ponder and stu (sp) in bed until I go nuts and I have to get out of bed and put lotion on my feet. Along time ago, my sister, Heather, who works at Melaleuca gave me this lotion. It is divine I tell you. It smells so good, that arometherapy minty, chamomile, pepperminty smell. It feels so good on your feet. I love this stuff and so will you. What a great way to go to bed at night ya know. I'll give you a tube of this lotion. #4. Next is Woven Floss by Reach. I am a fan. I use it on most of my patients and myself and recommend it ALL THE TIME. It's good stuff. It flosses your teeth better than any floss I know. I would post a pic..I tried but I couldn't move it around on my blog and I got frustrated cuz I tried to add it last and it jacked up my post so no pic for this one. Here's the link :
5 Last but not least. I LOVE COLORED TOOTSIE ROLLS! I'm pretty sure my fam knows this for sure. I'm addicted! I love all flavors. Mostly blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, and watermelon. They are hard to buy these days. I have my secret spots! They hook me up and so will I, hook you up. They remind me of Seminary in high school, my birthdays, and right now my sister has a huge bowl over and her house and she never eats them, then I come over and eat them for her. Even if they are old and hard I'll eat them. MMMMMMMMM. I'll give you 100, yep that's right, you heard me, 100 tootsie rolls of your choice!
Think about this one, so many choices, so little time! GOOD LUCK!!! EMILINE

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brooklyn pics

I know some are a little blurry but I just need to post of few pics of this little stinker...ya know, actually, she is not a stinker whatsoever. She has been SO fun!! This is her little chair that evan sits her in..we checked it out and there is no way she would fall through. She loves it.
This is her glazed over look. Two seconds later she was OUT cold.

This is my brother Jesse...I call him Jezzabelle, I love this pic!! He misses her so I had to post this one.