Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can't believe my Will is 5 months old. I HAD to get photos of him because I'm afraid he's growing up faster than I realize! He's a little gem I tell you. Almost ready to sit up..not quite. He's starting to figure out that when I lay him down and he cries I'll pick him up. Oh he loves me. Nothin is better I tell ya.

My friend Jayna tagged team with me to get photos of her and I's kids. It seems like I have no pics of him and I. I always wished I had a pic of me and mom together when I was young. He better appreciate it.

Once again B-trout comes out smellin' like a rose! Oh boy, my hands are getting fuller and fuller with her.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preschool n Things!!

This little boy loves his mama!! Without a doubt..don't even have to ask..

I was down in my moms basement for 15 minutes while Brooklyn wanted to watch a Dora movie...Someone found the lotion...wiped it ALL over my moms leather couch, all over her pants, hair, body...AWESOME!!!

B-Bop CANNOT stop talking about Preschool. While I was up visiting my mom, my sister-in-law, Tammie, invited her to her preschool for the morning! She loved every minute with Tammie and talks about her and preschool all the time! She threw a fit the other day because she thought that was where we were driving and when we ended up back at our house..she was not happy! She wants to drive there (5 hours) "and see Tammie" This is her the morning of her first day at Preschool!

B-trout "feeding" her baby! I wonder where she got this from! I love her piggy toes!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Abbys Photo Shoppe

While Abby was here she took in upon herself to share with Brooklyn all her makeup secrets and then provide some modeling shots to prove it.
Here she is with her beautiful freckles and natural beauty mark. Cindy Crawford baby!
The Lipstick is the most important part of your makeup and you must make sure it's applied to an exactness.
And here she is in total awe of her Aunt who has just shown her the most amazing thing in the products.

uhmmm...not sure here but somewhere she must act her age.

Spring happenings and relationships!!

Went to the ZOO last week Ashlee and the kids. Someone had a ball and his name is Will! This guys is so stinkin content and smiley and lovely and easy and fun and stinkin' cute.
He already seems to have a girlfriend. Kaleaya was in total heaven doting on Mr. Chill. This girl is so happy all the time and poses like a champ when the camera is around. This is a perfect blackmail pic for later! heehee

Brooklyn and Reese had to have a picture on Easter together.

Here is my little B-trout in her Easter dress and a mess of a hairdo with her favorite pose...finger in mouth, hand down shirt. It's quite the habit she's picked up and she thinks it's hilarious. Oh Brookie, One of my favorite things about her is that she is so mature beyond her years. This little girl cares for her little bro like a champ, says please and thankyou like it's nobodys business and has the cutest sarcasm sass. She talks about serious things, calls me her precious mom and asks me crazy questions about life already, and loves men..always calling them on the "phone"..namely Chris Hessing, Jess, Uncle Bean, Ryan(our elders quorum pres...random), Jerrick(our neighbor), Grandpa Harris, and Zack.! At church the other day she was standing up looking around and I asked her what she was looking at and she says, "oh, just lookin' at all the boys." How did I get so lucky to have this little stinker.

This is Aiden, her new friend who came to play the other day. It's a love/hate relationship. They played great and Brooklyn loves meeting new friends...thus the yellow personality I already see in her. Like mother like daughter I guess.