Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is an eternal struggle to get him to look at me when I take his picture. FINALLY, he did it! Can he get any cuter....I think not!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Times!!

The 4th of July did not dissapoint this year!

This little Will-POP was so fun this weekend. He yelled my name 50 million times and threw about 789673642 rocks and sticks and equaled that in mosquito bites!

Lots of facepainting and dancing!!

We all thoroughly enjoyed taking family pics. Everyone loved every minute of it and no complained...not even once:)

We lit a few of these bad boys!

Uncle Yella provided much entertainment to this lil chickadee!

Some serious concentration here.

and here...

and the never ending Bear Lake!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I miss this little posse'...words cannot explain
I miss this little couple.

I miss this AWESOME mother and friend.

I miss my ward and friends that shaped me into the mama that I am and hope to be...someday and loved me even with my.....weird ways/thoughts/anxieties/insecurities/scatterbraininess/spazzzomatiness(is that a word?)

I miss my first friend to meet in Boise and last friend to say goodbye to.


I miss seeing this little group every day...ooh my heart is tugging.

I miss the endless giggles and screams OK..and sometimes whines together.

I miss this litte gem who's saved my butt more times than I can imagine or begin to reciprocate. She is a SAINT I tell you. I wish I could give her a 2wks vacation to any place of her choice...I would...and of course I would go with her....BUT I can't so I'll just take her a Pepsi every once in a while and hope she sees the true meaning behind it.

I'll just throw in some Easter into the mix while I'm at it!

I miss my girls at work. Super funny and got my sense of humor..that's kinda rare. I hope I find that again.

the end

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Uhmmm..I have a crush

On this lil guy! He's been quite the handful these days but I wouldn't trade him for a millisecond. I do miss him even when he's sleeping. He loves his momma!

AND his 2nd momma Rachel. He got hurt the other day and actually ran towards her to console him instead of me. It was so precious! She loves them almost as much as I do and he's gonna miss her SOOOO much!
The little Wills showing us his muscles! I love him in his little handsome suit!
What more could a gma ask for...a brand new babe to hold and love! She's pretty cute and a sweet addition to the fam.

Friday, March 11, 2011

for uncle zack!

They are growing up right before my eyes!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Photo Overload!

Oh Baby Will!

Here he is at his finest...shoving his face...more like shoveling his face full of food!

More Cuteness!

Attempting to take your own family photo?.....not recommended! I get the idea in my head and control....anxiety sets word......William!

This one describes the outing...little stinker that boy.

I'll definitely keep this one!

I can't decide which one I like....any suggestions?

Will saying "CHEESE"

Lovin' the bathtime!

Brookie's friend, Addie, had a Valentines aka Ballentine party with her friends! It was a hit! The girls loves every minute of it from coloring, decorating and eating cookies, and passing out Ballentines.

Reese had a blast herself. We got into the car and she settles in and says "THAT WAS FUN!"

Typical expression from the B-Willmister! He is getting into all sorts of mischief. At 15 months old he is 24 lbs, 8 teeth plus teething 4 lovely molars. He loves climbing on the table especially when I tell him no. That seems to make it even more fun. He loves screaming and panicking when he sees food that he MUST have at that very second. He is starting to get and use sign language such as all done, please, milk, hot, and drink. He likes to say cheese to the camera, talk on the phone, bang on the computer, dip Barbies in the toilet, tackles Brookie to the ground like a football player over and over again, loves to dance, loves kissing his mama, and his mom loves to put him to bed..the best, most quiet time of the day!

Two little gems!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Past Winter

Christmas was awesome at Grandma and Grandpa Harris's. We loved being there and Brooklyn and Will were spoiled by them.

Here she is so happy to have her Cinderella Barbie from Santa!

The harmonicas were a hit!

I made about 20 of these! They sold really fast and I still have orders coming in!

Two little peas in action!

This is right after Will's first needed haircut! The mullet was forming and it was very necessary!

This little girl has just been a gem to hang around! I love her logic and reasoning. She's quite easy going. She's fun to run errands with, dance with, read with, and clean up with! I really feel blessed that I have her! I swear you are given what you can handle and I've always worried what kind of mom I would be but she definitely makes in enjoyable and easy for me! I guess that's all I can handle.....and then....there's Will.I.AM

Brookie graduated from Nursery with Sister Martel this year and started Primary! Her new teachers are Mrs. Dillworth and Wilcox. She said her first prayer last week and according to 2-3 witness(haha..I'm just a nerd) she walked right up there grabbed the mic and said the prayer all by herself! I was so proud of her!

Will's naptime is our Brooklyn time where we paint, draw, craft, and learn 3yr old stuff. Here is her first paint by numbers she painted with her dad. I was a little worried she wouldn't be able to understand the numbers part..but judge for yourself..not too shabby!

Will weighs 24 lbs and we have not enjoyed our few sickie house and visits to the Dr. already. It hasn't been fun BUT I have to admit I have loved him snuggling with me while he plays with my hair or tousles his own. Now he's doing much better but the whiney/sick voice still remains. Imagine that. I think he just forgot to stop that when he felt better. Maybe it's a phase...let us hope!


Who-Hoo, Who-Hoo! In your FACE!
As you may already know..I have grandma tendencies..thus the crocheting..nerdville I know. I couldn't resist making this bad boy...DON'T BE JEALOUS!
PS: I know I've said it before but it's time to go Private! I'm so lazy! But it's for the best I guess! Leave your name and address and I'll add you in! PEACE OUT!