Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Times!!

The 4th of July did not dissapoint this year!

This little Will-POP was so fun this weekend. He yelled my name 50 million times and threw about 789673642 rocks and sticks and equaled that in mosquito bites!

Lots of facepainting and dancing!!

We all thoroughly enjoyed taking family pics. Everyone loved every minute of it and no complained...not even once:)

We lit a few of these bad boys!

Uncle Yella provided much entertainment to this lil chickadee!

Some serious concentration here.

and here...

and the never ending Bear Lake!


rachel harris said...

So just a few things........., who is that little boy in your pictures? I love Brookie's face paint, and she looks just like you in the one where she is holding the firework. Tooooooo cute!

jayna said...

So so fun!! Miss you guys!

Heather Hunzeker said...

so adorable! So so sorry I didn't get to see you!! Love you!

Brett and Diana Cooper said...

Hey Emily! Your kids are so stinking cute! You have to call us if you are ever passing through poky!

Sissy said...

Ahhh.... what a fun time Em! We miss you guys- looks like you guys had a super 4th of July :)