Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween pics

We had a great Halloween being able to be with this little bear Reese and Rachel. We drove to Utah to my aunts funeral and spent some quality time with two babies on a six hour drive. It definitely wore Rachel and I out but still, these two little stinkers are quite the pair. I love their faces in this picture. Brooklyn was all over the place. All the pictures are blurry of her because she couldn't hold still. Look at that classic expression on Reese's face.

We have the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for who gave Brooklyn an early birthday present. This beautiful hat has a lion face on the top of it. They also gave her the CUTEST pair of shoes.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, Ev and Bean found this lovely beauty last weekend up in them thar mountains. Look at the smile on his face. Priceless!! I'm kinda sad about the whole thing but proud in a weird way that if we ever went hungry I know I would be able to count on Ev to pull through and find food for our little family. He's like a little boy talking about it, measuring it, staring at it, talking, staring, doesn't stop. Don't get me wrong that thing is HUGE! The other day Evan was talking about how the coyote hunt is still going on and that maybe he needed to go hunt them down. I finished him off by saying, "Ya know Ev, I think it's time for the Emily hunt now." I crack myself up.