Monday, February 16, 2009

sunday drive-seige

We went for a Sunday drive yesterday..which consists of Evan bringing his gun "just in case" we see something. Ev carries on the Hoge tradition of Sunday Drives turning into seiges with taking us out to the middle of nowhere. Secretly I like it just as long as everyone is safe. We accidently shut Macks tail in the door. It was really sad but he's fine now...once again...seige. I brought my camera and Evan and Brooklyn let me play with it a bit. It was really fun. I love this bridge. Brooklyn is such a big girl now....she needs to walk everywhere and tells me where we're going quite often.

We built this teepee real quick to get warm. That Evan, he can build anything.

I love this picture.

Thanks mom for the remote control for my camera..I'm finally using it now that I have my tripod piece back. I'm so excited to use it more often. Look at that little Macky-boy posin' like a Champ. He's such a trooper!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

WOW we've been busy!

It's been fun this last month to have Zacky-WacKy and Ev's fam come over. We had a great week with all of them. Also, the World Special Olympics are in town and Brooklyn and I have taken advantage. I'm such a socialite so it was a little out of my comfort zone to go alone but that didn't stop me. Brooklyn and I Part-Ade it up watching the Olympics and star-spotting of course...Michelle Kwan, Scott Hamilton and I now officially very close. They both love me...they told me.

Here we are front row at the figure skating...I work my usual to get the seats I's all about The Secret.

Sometimes...well most of the time Brooklyn likes to be JUST like her mom so she HAD to try on my shades.

Here we are in front of Quest Arena sittin' on the Special Olympics ice sculpture

Someones chipper....

Uncle Bean with my little B...what a little pair...she thrashes him just as much and he does to her.

Here's a little family pic...they don't tend to happen that often cuz I'm always lookin' thrashed...thanks Bean for taking it.

Bonnie and Yella with little B. Bonnie has the cutest voice when she talks to Brooklyn. I giggle every time they chat. Yella and B are quite the little pair. He took care of Brooklyn when she was up early when they were here....These two will make the BEST parents I already know.

Grandpa Hoge blowin' out his birthday candles getting a little help from Brooklyn.

typical day at my house.