Friday, April 25, 2008

Kewpi Doll

My mom has told me about these Kewpi dolls but I had never heard of them. Then she posted this pic of one along with Brooklyn's picture on our family's blog so I thought I would share it here.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Posting a few pics for the fam of our trip to Green River with the Hoge family.
It's always an adventure when the Hoge's get together. His family calls it a seige..well because it is! It's the seige's that make it most memorable. I was telling Evan last night that every member of his family adds a certain dynamic to the family. Without wouldn't be the same. We can't wait for Bear Lake on the Fourth. Sarah, thanks for the Hotel Larson and Bonnie, watch out for flying pizza!! JK One funny story my friends will enjoy! I was feeding Brooklyn in the car at McDonalds downtown SLC before Seneca and I left for Green River. As I'm in the car, this homeless man comes up to my car window and asks me for spare change. This sure was awkward. Here I am half naked feeding my baby and this man is asking me to find my purse and give him change trying not to expose myself. I roll down my window about an inch and yell, "Can't you see I'm nursing my baby!" He just stood there like it was no big deal. Generous Seneca gives him a buck. Just typical that awkward things happen to me like this. I love that awkwardness sometimes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

That's what i'm talkin' about!!

Brooklyn, Mack, and I went on a little jaunt around the neighborhood this fine beautiful evening. I've been trying to take my camera along so I can take pictures. You never know what will happen and you always wished that you would have brought your camera. You know how when you go shopping and you love it when you get a "good find?" Well, instead of shopping, my "good finds" are moments like this. As I'm strolling right along, my eye catches this.... Yep that's right...Right here in Boise... This nice gentlemen was walking with his wife or friens who was using a walker. It was so sweet of him to walk with her. ...true love right here. I can picture his saying, "Just going for a little stroll in the nieghborhood and I think I'll pull out my nice red Zuba-zebra pants.,..they have such good ventilation and that nice breeze will feel so refreshing...Maybe my wife will hold my hand if I sport these bad boyZZ." I feel really bad for poking fun. I acted like I was taking pictures of some flowers on the trees and pulled out my one of a kind stealth moves to capture this priceless picture. You can thank me later. But you can't see his face and I couldn't resist..I mean c'mon...this is art ladies and gentlemen and it brought back so many memories of Zuba pants! Does anyone remember these? Zack? anyone?

Here's a little pic of my sweetheart! We've been having lots of girl time while Evan is on his "man-cation." She's so happy. It's so funny when I'll lay her down for a nap and she'll start crying.... so I wait a bit then I go in her room cuz she's screaming her head off and here I am trying to be serious so that she'll go back to sleep and as I walk in she sees me and this HUGE grin comes on her face and her eyes light up and she starts kicking her feet. So I can't even be mad at her and it makes me laugh at her and then of course she smiles bigger..then I have to pick her up and hug her cuz she's my girl and I have to take care of her you know.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So my friends tend to think that I have these "one liners." I seriously can't think of any. I don't really have very many that I could call classic! Help me out here girls. Give me some hints. Oh wait!!!... There is, however, that tends to be brought up every so often when I need to be thrashed!! I never knew this would come back to haunt me. Here ya go, enjoy it and take it for what it's worth. One time, when my girlfriends Nicole, Niki, Jeener, Sherry, and I were vacationing in Hawaii, we rented these scooters to haul around the Island and cause havoc...we OWNED Hawaii for awhile after that you might want to know....we tend to do that when we go places..kinda like the firestation in New York! I'll explain another day. Well, and upon returning them, this stinky owner got mad at us because my friend, Jeener, was late returning hers and we didn't fill up the gas tank all the way..yadda yadda yadda. C'mon dude, it was like 25 cents short and your dealing with the tightwad girls of America who weaseled anything they could in those days just to get by. So, as this big, fat Hawaiian man starts yelling at us..for no reason..mind you..:) we tried to pull the poor me, cute innocent girl card and say we're sorry and bat our eyes... well let's just say that didn't work. So he starts to say every cuss word known to man at us and telling us to "get off HIS island" I just stood there in awe. How dare he! How dare he talk to me like that. Now you need to remember I was like 18 years old and this innocent girl from Newdale, Idaho without a mean bone in my body(back me up on this one girls) and I wasn't aware that people actually said all those words at one one time, and in one sentence..I didn't know they could all come together like that...I mean that's talent right there. So, ANYWAYYYZZZZZ(nicole...that was for you) this big fat Hawaiian dude goes off on me and I just stand there and as I started to walk off..or Nicole was dragging me off because I was so stunned and dumbfounded...I couldn't let this man take me down to this Misery I was in, this endless woe..I couldn't let him talk to ME, ME of all people..HOW DARE HE!!!! I couldn't let him win the fight. So as I'm walking off, I slowly turn around and it came to me.....It came to me so smoothly, so gracefully.."SHUT UP YOU BIG MEANIE!!!" and there it was..I said it!! WHAT?? Shut up you big meanie?? What the heck? That's what I come up with? Are you kidding me? Of all the things to say to a Big Fat Hawaiian Sailormouth Man..that's what I pull off? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen..yes..I said it,that was it, there ya go. There was no taking it back! And that was that...Oh yes, Nicole gave him the big fat Bird on our way out and told every customer in line to not rent from him. I'll never live that down. I'll hear it to my grave. The end!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Look at this little stinker!! Stare deep into her eyes!!'re getting very am I,'s 2 in the morn...I must go to sleep!

Precious Cargo

Isn't she the cutest thing!! I just love her!!
And here they are.... my most precious cargo!!!
Brooklyn's little Easter dress!!
It's been so fun hangin' out with this little girl!! Thank goodness she puts up with me! She doesn't have much of a choice these days!! I'll post more pics soon.