Friday, June 25, 2010

The crawling begins!!

Will decided to get after it and start crawling sooner than later(7mo)! He's thinkin' he's pretty cool stuff.

If I watch the red ball really close......

Who's excited to be at the fair..raise your hand!!?

Two little gems!!

Two other little gems!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

First thing: I love him
Ev played in a Memorial Day softball tournament over Memorial Day weekend with some high school alumni buddies. They won the tournament!

Evan likes bears. He shot this a few weeks ago. He's pretty happy about the whole thing. There is bear meat in my freezer. You want some? Don't be jealous!
B is loving the funny faces these days
We stopped in Twin Falls to bbq with my lovely lady friends and their beautiful beautiful children. It was heaven. I wish I saw them more often!
They are the definition of humor. I laugh so hard when I'm see them. I feel funny around them. That is good.
Bonnie and Brookie. Bear Lake isn't the same with out Ev's sisters in it!
Brookie and Jillian. Pure sweetness!!
Here we are roasting hotdogs and too many smores around the campfire!
Bear Lake was HEAVEN this night. We were the ONLY ones on the beach on the perfect night. Brooklyn was quite obsessed with her cousin Josh and wanted to do anything he did.

Fishin' @ the Lake!!