Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is Brooklyn's BFF, Addie, at least for Brooklyn. Her mom watches Brooklyn on Tuesdays and when Brooklyn comes home that night she thinks she is THE COOLEST! She gets all cocky and walks around the house like she is so cool cuz she gets to play at Addie's all day. It's so funny. One of her favorite words is Addie and she says it ALL the time. They happen to have matching outfits and it just so coincidently happened that they wore them on the same day I got to watch them together. It has been the biggest blessing to have Brooklyn be with someone I trust and know that she takes care of her like her own. They definitely have a love/hate relationship

This is what I have to work with anytime I attempt to get on the computer with Brooklyn awake. As you can see with my mess here, not much production is going on. She LOVES talking to grandma on the webcam.

Random Pic..We found this pic in Ev's pictures of 2 little stinkers...I mean 3.