Thursday, January 12, 2012


It definitely has been awhile since I've been on here. No internet for a few months will definitely do that to you. But I haven't stopped taking pictures of my little gems.

Brooklyn has been so sweet lately! ...such a little helper and loving her mom. I truly am blessed to have her.

My little baby Will is growing up so fast! Here he is on his #2 Birthday! He LOVES to say "NO, MINE!" He talks so much now in 5-6 word sentences, likes to breakdance, give his mama kisses, and sleeps in his own big bed now. He puts himself in timeouts which is more than daily. He loves dinosaurs and motorbikes and shooting things with his bow and arrow or making anything into a bow and arrow! Sometimes I get frustrated with him and then he turns and looks at me with those big fat lips and green eyes and my little heart melts!

The Birthday Boy!

I had a wonderful night with these little ladies! Oh the history and craziness! Of course we would go Kareokeing and steal the show...of course we would no pride ourselves and not care what anyone thinks of us. They are hilarious.

Attempted a little photshoot...Thank goodness no one was around. I love it when things like this are suppose to be fun and happy and I end up forcing them to smile with no awareness that I even exist. But all in all they turned out better than I thought.


Angie K. said...

EM! Thanks for this post. I have been missing you. I can't believe how big your kiddos are...THey are so Dang cute!!! Time for another one. When you make kids as cute as yours you need to have at least 6 or so. You and your friends are still beautiful as ever...which means I still hate all of them. When you gonna have a girls gettaway with me?

jayna said...

I just heard that you guys moved! What the what? The babies are growing up- little cuties!

Lee Family said...

Dude Em, your kids could be on the cover of something - like parenting or a kids' clothes magazine. They are gorgeous. I miss you.

Vegas Anderson Clan said...

Your kiddos are so darn cute!!! I wish I could take cute pics like you do.

Amy said...

Those pictures are darling. We miss your family. Period. I just did a little post about your kiddos and it made me remember so many endearing quirks. Especially about Mr. William. He is energy. As in he is the actually definition of energy:). Love you guys!