Monday, February 13, 2012

What's that you say?

What's that you say?...U are wondering where I have been and what I've been doing and why I haven't blogged...I know you are just dying to know. Well, let me just update a few things and I'll be back on track. First off, back in Dec., this little doll had a B-day and of course we celebrated with a few parties cuz we love her so much! Honestly where did this little girl come from? We are so lucky to have her in our family. She has grown up before our eyes and balances out our family dynamics in more ways that she will ever know. She was so excited to celebrate her 4 year old birthday with anyone available.

I had to attempt a barbie cake since it has been her staple these days...nice candle placement Em.
She loved her presents!
We went to a really fun Indoor amusement place that had indoor surfing, golfing, bowling, games...u name had it! She loved the horse ride!
Liv, Brookie, and Leah had a blast at her princess party. I love Olivias 50 layers of ruffles...hilarious! We miss these 2 so much! There were quite a few others at the party but of course I forget to take pics when the chaos is occuring.
Brookie and Leah
Blowing out her cupcake candle. Loves those cheekbones.
Bowling! They had a miniature bowling alley for little kids. It was awesome! Brooklyn has this weird thing with loud noises and covered her ears 99% of the time but was so excited to try it out.
Helping mom bake...B-tees favorite! I love how she always wants to "help" but somehow manages to lick every spoon/beater/spatula/toothpick. What a good helper.
Living out in the middle of nowhere has definitely bonded these to. Well, it's a love/hate relationship.
Note B-tees dress! Her all time favorite these days. She's come home, run upstairs and immediately changes into this ensamble..even dead of winter.
Here's my view from my front door! Beautiful!'s rough I tell ya!
he does NOT stop!
This is our yard decor
This is his outfit most of the day...don't judge me.

My attempt at valentines day muffins...note the heart-shape..U see it don't you?..don't you?
This is my neighbor out my other door..seriously...this is my buddy, we hang out. To bad I can't borrow eggs from him! We love him though..since it's all we've got out here! Anyone wanna come visit?....he does make me feel pretty attractive though...I mean look at those beautiful eyes...hahahaha


jayna said...

Brook is a little darling and growing up!!

Thanks for posting something new!

the Lola Letters said...

Looking at your cute kiddos makes me miss you guys so bad!!! Jordan still isn't over it :(

"R" Team said...

Finally a post, but still don't know for sure where you are or what you guys are up to. Holly gives so little information these days.