Monday, March 26, 2012

kiddos adventures

Blogspot mixed up all my order of pics but here we are visiting Sue the dinosaur!
We cut Brookie's hair today! She loves Tangled especially the end when she cuts her hair. She kept asking me for weeks and she decided she wanted to give it to Locks of Love to another girl who doesn't have any hair! She is such a little tenderheart!

She kept thanking me over and over again and couldn't quit smiling even before she looked in the mirror!
Reese and Brookie have been inseparable since she came to visit yesterday! This pic is priceless especially with sneeky little Will with a plan of his own!
We've been chillin' out alot these days and I can't get enough of this little snugglebug who demands I sit by him when we watch movies! I LOVE IT!
Right after her haircut!
We went to West Jellystone and hung out with these bad boys
The hotel was worth every penny! This is pretty much our entertainment!
Lil Will, always wanting me to take is picture of him with anything!
"hey Mom, check out my pirate eye!"
And these bad boys!
We checked out the Dinosaur museum in IF! Despite the fact that the museum stunk like body odor and cigarette smoke we had a great time!

We visited our dear friends Xavier and Cole! The funniest kids around!
Will is obsessed with these items and his favorite he tells me is the triceratops!

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